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Enhancing Road Safety: Introducing NEK INSAN Contact Vehicle Owner Stickers with QR Technology

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Today's fast-moving world is not an exception: it continues to pose some serious danger for human lives. Whatever you are, whether it is either cyclist or pedestrian or other driver, to have means of contacting a vehicle owner at instances of emergency like Road Accident or Wrong Parking concerns regarding their vehicles can be very function to safer roads. It's there where our QR sticker supplied with QR technology designed for the Contact vehicle owner at time of any Road Accident or Wrong parking.

What is Contact Vehicle Owner Stickers

Contact Vehicle Owner stickers are a simple yet effective solution to establish communication between concerned individuals and vehicle owners. By affixing these stickers to their vehicles, owners provide a direct channel for others to reach out to them when necessary.

How Do Contact Vehicle Owner Stickers Work?

The magic lies in the QR code embedded within the Nek Insan sticker. By scanning this code using a smartphone or any QR scanner app, now will share the contact details of the vehicle owner with immediate action. This way the length of the process can be shortened and the information of the operation may be kept safe from the disappearance.

Key Features of Contact Vehicle Owner Stickers:

1. Location Tracker:

In emergency situations such as accidents or violations, knowing the exact location of the vehicle becomes crucial for their family. Contact Vehicle Owner stickers can integrate with location tracking services, enabling precise identification of the vehicle's whereabouts.

2. Emergency Contact:

In addition to the owner's contact information, these stickers can also include emergency contact details. This feature proves invaluable during emergencies, allowing quick access to relevant authorities or family members.

3. Data Privacy:

Privacy concerns are paramount in today's digital landscape. NEK INSAN stickers prioritize data privacy by only revealing essential contact information when scanned. This ensures that sensitive details remain secure and accessible only to those who need them.

4. Masking Calls:

To further safeguard privacy, Contact Vehicle Owner stickers can facilitate masked calls. This feature enables concerned individuals to reach out to the vehicle owner without exposing their personal phone numbers, fostering a safe and anonymous communication environment.

How to Contact a Vehicle Owner Using the Sticker:

Scan the QR Code: Scan the QR code either along with your Smartphone using a camera app or QR scanner app for that matter. The Contact Vehicle Owner sticker is already affixed to the car and hence it wouldn’t be a hustle.

Access Owner's Details: Scanning the sticker gives the option to make a call-in case of an road accident or wrong parking.

In case of accident: On clicking this choice, the back camera of the mobile opens and you can take a photo or video of the incident site.

In case of wrong parking: Even if your car/bike is parked in a wrong parking zone or in the way of other vehicles, you can be alerted/informed in time by the police or any person through this QR sticker. Siren alert at the time of situation with photo/video it goes only to the vehicle owner's numbers. 

IVR Call: An emergency helpline number and extension number of each sticker is written on the life safety QR stickers. In case of no internet or no smart phone, these numbers can be dialed from any normal keypad phone and a similar call can be made simultaneously to the vehicle owner and his emergency numbers.


Contact Vehicle Owner stickers with QR technology represent a proactive step towards enhancing road safety and fostering better communication among road users. By facilitating direct contact between concerned individuals and vehicle owners, these stickers contribute to a more responsive and responsible driving community. Embracing such innovative solutions underscores our commitment to creating safer roads for everyone.


Join the movement towards safer roads today with Contact Vehicle Owner stickers—empowering communication, promoting safety, and saving lives, one QR code at a time.

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