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Keep Your Child Safe with the Child safety Device

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As parents, keeping our children safe is the top priority. But in crowded places, it's all too easy for a child to wander off or get lost.

The Child Safety Device from Nek Insan provides peace of mind by giving you a simple way to get reunited if your child goes missing.

The system is incredibly easy to use. Simply affix one of the included metallic child badge QR stickers to your child's shirt using the pin. If they ever get separated from you, any bystander can quickly scan the QR code on the badge using the Nek Insan app or any mobile QR scanner like Paytm or Google Pay.

As soon as the QR code is scanned, the person's smartphone camera will activate, allowing them to take a photo or video of your missing child. This photo/video will then automatically trigger a high-priority alert sent to your mobile phone, even if it's locked. You'll get the live photo/video along with details like date, time, and location.

But that's not all - the person's phone call will also simultaneously connect to all of your listed numbers via a secured virtual call line. This allows you to immediately communicate with the person who found your child while keeping your real phone numbers private.

After the call disconnects, the person's phone will display a list of emergency hotline numbers for police, ambulance, fire department and more that they can quickly click to summon additional Family help if required.

With the Child Safety ID Card, you get peace of mind features like:

  1. Simple QR scanning from any smartphone
  2. Automatic photo/video evidence of your missing child
  3. Priority mobile alert even on a locked phone
  4. Simultaneous calling to all your numbers via secure virtual line
  5. Location tracking of exactly where the scan happened
  6. Quick-click access to emergency services
  7. Complete privacy for your real phone numbers
  8. Detailed logs of all scans and calls
  9. Earn money through the Refer & Earn program
  10. Child safety QR sticker

Don't let your child get lost in the crowd. Order the Child Safety Device today on NekInsan and help protect your most precious loved ones while running errands, traveling, or in any public setting. Simple to use and affordable, it's a small price for a lifesaving layer of security.


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