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Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe with the pet safety products Introducing Pet Safety stickers

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For pet owners, few things are more heartbreaking than having a beloved dog, cat or other furry friend go missing. The panic and fear of not knowing where your pet is or if they're safe is an awful feeling.

With Nek Insan's innovative pet safety stickers, you can dramatically increase the chances of getting reunited with a lost pet. Simply hang one of the included metallic QR coded "Pet Tags" on your pet's collar or leash, and they'll be carrying their own digital ID and safety beacon wherever they go.

If your pet ever wanders off, any good samaritan who finds them can quickly scan the Pet Tag's QR code using the Nek Insan app or any mobile QR scanner like Paytm or Google Pay. This initiates their smartphone's camera, allowing them to take a photo or video to confirm it's your missing pet.

As soon as the photo/video is captured, it gets automatically sent to your mobile phone along with a high-priority alert siren - even if your phone is locked. You'll get key details like the date, time, and location of the scan to help track down where your pet was found.

But the protection doesn't stop there. The person's phone call also simultaneously rings through to all of your listed numbers via a secure virtual calling line. This allows you to communicate with them while keeping your real contact information private. You can provide instructions, get additional details, or coordinate to get your pet back safely.

After the call ends, the person's phone even provides quick-click access to animal control hotlines, emergency vets and other pet services in case professional assistance is needed.

Key features of this innovative pet safety solution include:

  • Simple QR code pet tags to affix to any collar or leash
  • Automated photo/video evidence that your pet was found
  • Priority mobile alerts even on a locked phone
  • Simultaneous calling to all your numbers via secure line
  • Location tracking of exactly where the scan happened
  • Quick-click access to emergency pet services
  • Complete privacy for your personal contact information
  • Detailed logs of all scan and call activity
  • Option to earn money through Refer & Earn program

Don't go through the heartbreak of losing your furry family member again. Order the pet safety stickers today at and get peace of mind knowing you're leveraging smart technology to keep your pets safe and secure.

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