QR Sticker For Car safety


Product Details:
Rate (Including GST) ₹ 624.00 ₹ 499.00
Quantity Pack of 4
Type Sticker
Size 98x115 mm


There is a total of four stickers in one box, two rectangular and two rounds. Rectangle stickers are pasted on the front and rear windscreen of the car while round stickers are pasted on the dashboard and other relevant places of the car. Unfortunately, in case of a car accident, any person presents at the accident site or the police can scan the sticker and immediately give information about the accident to your family and friends along with photos/videos, so that you can get proper medical facility and other help on time. Getting the best help can save your life.


• This sticker can be scanned with Nek Insan app or any scanner (like Paytm, GPay etc.).
• Scanning the sticker gives the option to make a call-in case of an accident or wrong parking.

In case of accident:

• On clicking this choice, the back camera of the mobile opens and you can take a photo or video of the incident site.
• As soon as the photo or video is taken, the photo or video is automatically displayed on the mobile of the vehicle owner and his family members with an alert siren, even when the mobile is locked and your call will be connected simultaneously to all the emergency numbers (family members) of the vehicle owner and it’s through a virtual number.
• The vehicle owner and his emergency numbers receive the date, time and location of the scanned QR along with photo/video as well as a call back button so that they can contact the person did the scan as per the need.
• As soon as the call of the person scanning is disconnected, a popup of emergency helplines like Police, Ambulance, Fire, NHAI appears on his mobile screen, which can be clicked to get help as required.

In case of wrong parking:

Even if your car is parked in a wrong parking zone or in the way of other vehicles, you can be alerted/informed in time by the police or any person through this QR sticker. Siren alert at the time of situation with photo/video it goes only to the vehicle owner's numbers. Rest of the flow remains as above.

IVR Call:

An emergency helpline number and extension number of each sticker is written on the life safety QR stickers. In case of no internet or no smart phone, these numbers can be dialed from any normal keypad phone and a similar call can be made simultaneously to the vehicle owner and his emergency numbers.


• Facility to scan QR sticker through Nek Insan app or any scanner.
• 100% data privacy of sticker owner.
• Facility to capture photos/videos.
• Unlimited masking calls.
• Scan location with date and time.
• Photo/Video display with siren alert even when mobile screen is locked.
• Call emergency helpline numbers for help.
• Call and scan log history.
• Call back facility.
• Facility to earn money by Refer and Earn.
• SOS and other important facilities.

To avail all the features, please get yourself and your family members to download Nek Insan mobile app.

Product Information
1.    Set privacy for phone numbers 
2.    High-resolution prints 
3.    Nontoxic
4.    Make in India
5.    Safe to use
6.    Sun-protected, anti-sun, and waterproof
How to use car safety stickers?
Purchase and place a Jeevan Raksha road safety QR code on your car. In an emergency situation like car towing, car accident, car parking, etc., any Nek Insan or police officials can reach you easily. 
You can solicit one or more phone numbers in the Nek Insan app for emergency situation like this. You will be informed who and where the car road safety sticker scanned.
You can hide your contact information with Nek Insan’s service. In case of emergency situations like if the officials do not own a smartphone, any Nek Insan or authorities can reach you with a 6-digit IVR number.