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India has the second-largest road network in the world, with more than 64 lakh kilometers of roadways crisscrossing various parts of the country. The nation's socioeconomic development is aided by this extensive network. Despite the fact that Indian roads have been a boon to Indian citizens, mishappenings on roads like theft, accidents, etc., are also a major concern. 

The Indian traffic police claim that six accidents were reported for every 10,000 vehicles in the years before the pandemic. This was at 3.53 percent in 2022 because of escalating vehicle numbers. Now, if you act proactively within the Golden Hour of the Accident and provide timely medical help, you can save a life. 

MoRTH-Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is nowadays encouraging and rewarding Good Samaritans who without giving a second thought save the victim's life of a fatal accident. With similar good intentions, Nek Insan has introduced QR code vehicle stickers such as QR code sticker for cars, auto window stickers, etc. Our QR code vehicle stickers will enable victims to receive immediate assistance. It will contribute to a decrease in these figures. As long as our QR code vehicle sticker remains intact, accident responders will know who to call.

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