Call masking is a crucial feature for ensuring the privacy of the users. It allows an individual to make or receive calls without revealing their actual phone number to the other party. This is especially vital in scenarios where privacy is a primary concern. By employing this feature, Nek Insan ensures that its users can communicate securely without compromising their personal contact details.

The current location feature offers real-time tracking, allowing users or authorized personnel to pinpoint the exact location of an individual or item. In emergency situations, this can be invaluable as it can help authorities or concerned parties reach the location swiftly, ensuring timely assistance or intervention.

With the photo capture feature, users have the ability to quickly snap images. This can be useful in various scenarios, like providing visual evidence, documenting a scene, or simply sharing a moment. When paired with the Nek Insan QR system, this feature enhances the app's functionality, offering a visual context to any situation.

The video recording feature takes the photo capture capability a step further. Users can record real-time videos, capturing sequences of events. This can be crucial in situations that require visual documentation, verification, or when trying to relay a scenario as it unfolds. It adds an extra layer of authenticity and clarity.

Quick access to emergency contacts can be a lifesaver. This feature allows users to store vital contact numbers and access them rapidly during emergencies. Whether it's reaching out to family members, close friends, or relevant authorities, having these numbers at one's fingertips ensures prompt communication during critical times.

Helpline numbers are essential resources, especially during emergencies or unforeseen situations. Nek Insan includes a list of important helpline numbers, ensuring users can quickly connect with the necessary services, be it medical, police, fire, or other essential helplines. This centralized list ensures timely assistance and guidance.

Communication is vital, and sometimes situations demand extended conversations without the worry of call durations. The unlimited calls feature ensures that users can engage in prolonged discussions without any interruptions. Whether it's an emergency or a need for extended guidance, this feature guarantees that users stay connected as long as they need.