Nek Insan's Beginning: A Story from the Road

One cold morning, Mr. Singh was driving from Delhi to Jaipur. On the way, he saw a bad car accident. People were hurt and taken to the hospital, but their bags and things were still on the road. This made Mr. Singh very sad. He thought about how worried families would be if they couldn’t find or know about their loved ones after such accidents.

This gave him an idea. What if there was a simple way for people to know about their family members right away? What if belongings had a special sticker that could help connect families faster?

That's how Nek Insan started. Mr. Singh created stickers with a special code. If someone gets lost or has an accident, another person can scan the sticker on their things. This way, they can quickly tell the family what happened.

Thanks to Mr. Singh, Nek Insan helps people feel safer. It’s like a friend that helps you when you need it most.

We believe that everyone should have a little extra security in their life. With Nek Insan, you're never truly alone. Join our mission in making the world a safer place. Act now! Get your Nek Insan sticker today and ensure that you and your loved ones are always connected.

Taking inspiration from Mr. Singh's vision, countless individuals have already adopted Nek Insan stickers, finding solace in the knowledge that they're a part of a community that looks out for each other. Each sticker isn't just a code – it's a promise, a commitment to ensure that in trying times, help is just a scan away.

Success of Nek Insan

Stories have poured in from all over the country about how Nek Insan has reconnected families, safeguarded pets, and even helped recover lost items on busy streets or crowded places. One such heartwarming tale is of a young boy, separated from his family during a festival. A concerned citizen found him, scanned the Nek Insan sticker on his backpack, and within minutes, the boy was back in his mother's embrace.

Every day, our team at Nek Insan works diligently, innovating and improving, driven by the countless success stories and the belief that we can make a tangible difference. Our community is growing, and with every new member, we're one step closer to a world where no one feels lost or left behind.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of this incredible journey and take a proactive step towards safety and connection. Grab your Nek Insan QR sticker today and ensure you, your family, and even your cherished belongings are always within reach. Embrace the future of safety with us!


At Nek Insan, our mission is deeply rooted in the principles of safety, connection, and community. We believe that in our fast-paced, often unpredictable world, every individual deserves the reassurance that they, and what they hold dear, are safeguarded.

We strive to bridge the gap between loss and reunion, ensuring that moments of despair are transformed into moments of relief and gratitude. Through our innovative QR code stickers, we endeavour to provide a reliable anchor in the stormy seas of life's uncertainties. Whether it's a cherished pet, a valued possession, or a loved family member, our technology serves as a beacon, guiding them back home.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing a product. We aim to cultivate a global community that values responsibility, empathy, and collective care. Every sticker we produce, every scan that connects a lost item or individual, reinforces our belief in the innate goodness of humanity and the power of collaboration.


At the heart of Nek Insan lies a vision: a world where no one feels lost, where belongings and loved ones are always within reach, and where every individual can navigate life's journeys with confidence and peace of mind. We are dedicated to turning this vision into a reality, one sticker, one scan, and one reunion at a time.

Our vision is not just about leveraging technology but about redefining the essence of care and concern in the modern age. We imagine a future where QR codes become more than mere tools; they become symbols of hope, assurance, and universal solidarity.

As we look ahead, we see cities, towns, and villages adorned with our stickers, serving as a constant reminder of our collective commitment to safeguarding what matters most. Children wandering in crowded festivals, pets straying away from home, belongings left behind in transit — in our envisioned world, they are never truly lost but momentarily separated, always destined to return.