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The Smart, Wireless Video Doorbell Solution: QR Sticker for Door Bell.

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We've all been there - someone rings the doorbell and you're left wondering who it is before opening the door.

With Nek Insan's innovative QR Sticker for Door Bell, you can easily see and communicate with visitors without ever having to open the door blindly.

This brilliant solution involves placing a special QR sticker near your door or on the door frame. When a visitor arrives, they simply scan the QR code using the Nek Insan app or any QR scanner app like Paytm or Google Pay. This initiates a video call to your mobile phone, allowing you to see and communicate with the visitor from anywhere.

The best part? No wires, installation or electricity are required. The QR sticker works using your existing smartphone and mobile data/wifi connection. It's the perfect smart video doorbell for homes and offices.

Here's how it works:

  1. Visitor scans the QR door bell sticker using the Nek Insan app or a scanner app
  2. If you have an internet connection, it connects via video call so you can see the visitor (your camera stays off unless you turn it on)
  3. If you don't have internet, it automatically switches to an audio call connecting simultaneously through a virtual number to protect your privacy
  4. Visitors without a smartphone can dial the helpline number on the sticker to be connected via IVR calling

The QR Door Bell sticker provides ultimate convenience with features like:

  1. Scanning history with visitor photos, date, time and location mapping
  2. "Call bank" button to easily call back visitors
  3. Unlimited masked/private calling
  4. SOS emergency calling
  5. Earn money through the Refer & Earn program

Never miss a visitor or open your door blindly again! Get the cutting-edge Smart Door Bell and bring smart video doorbell functionality to your home or office without any special equipment. Order yours on the Nek Insan website today!

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