QR Tag For Hand Bag safety


Product Details:
Rate (Including GST) ₹ 624.00 ₹ 499.00
Quantity Pack of 2
Type Tag
Size Dia 40 mm

Description :

 Box contains 2 round metallic nek insan KEY/BAG TAGs that can be hung on a car key or hand bag. If you accidentally leave your key or bag in a mall, train, bus, auto, office or any other place, then any person or police can scan the QR of the tag attached to it and immediately give you information along with photos/videos of the key/bag. And you get your lost item back.


• QR of KEY/BAG TAG can be scanned with Nek Insan app or any scanner (Paytm, GPay etc.).


• In case of loss of vehicle key/bag, any good person scans the KEY/BAG TAG on it, his mobile's back camera opens and he can take a photo or video of the key/bag.
• As soon as the photo or video is taken, the photo or video is automatically displayed with an alert siren on the KEY/BAG TAG Owner mobile even when the mobile is locked and the call of the person scanning is routed through a virtual number to all TAG Owner numbers. Connects with. With this, all Tag Owner numbers remain completely confidential.
• Along with the date, time and location of the scan on the photos/videos received on Tag Owner numbers, they also get a call back button through which they can contact the person doing the scan as per the need.
• As soon as the call of the person scanning is disconnected, a popup of emergency helplines like Police, Ambulance, Fire, NHAI appears on his mobile screen, which can be clicked to get help as required.


• Facility to scan QR sticker with Nek Insaan app or any scanner.
• KEY/BAG TAG Owner 100% data privacy.
• Facility to create photos/videos.
• Unlimited masking calls.
• Scan location with date and time.
• Photo/Video display with siren alert even when mobile screen is locked.
• Call emergency helpline numbers for help.
• Call and scan log history.
• Call back facility.
• Facility to earn money by Refer and Earn.
• SOS and other important facilities.

To avail all the features, please get yourself and your family members to download Nek Insan mobile app.

Configuration and Use: You just need to download the Nek Insan app and register yourself. 
Easy Application: Just place Nek Insan scannable QR tags on your suitcase, handbag, purse, key chain, mobile & laptop.
Product Quality 
    Non-toxic and Safe 
    Snow protection
    Waterproof
    UV Protected
    High-resolution quality print